What inspired us to start!

We’re so excited and proud to be making this first post in our journal. This is the end of a fantastic journey and the beginning of a new one.

The first part of our journey began back in Christmas 2012. In Berlin we saw posters on walls simply proclaiming, “Unfuck the planet”. It made us think that if the world is really fucked, then let’s unfuck it. It really struck a chord. Let’s not walk away from the problem. Let’s have the energy to actually make things better.

So the research started. We didn’t just want to give proceeds to charity or support good causes. We wanted to create a company that used economics and stuff we need to actually unfuck the world. So let’s make something really awesome and the more people who buy it the better the world becomes. Capitalist consumerism could actually help the planet.

What product? We know a lot about beach, swim and surf wear. We have worked in swimwear design and marketing for over 10 years. So let’s make Bikinis and active wear.

We looked for a fabric made from waste from the sea for people to wear in the sea. Then we hit a eureka moment with a yarn called ECONYL ®. ECONYL ® takes nets discarded in the oceans and other textile waste and, with some funky technology, weaves them into a yarn that can be made into incredibly high quality swimwear fabric.

We want people to wear our stuff because it looks good. Not just because they feel worthy wearing it. So we searched for specialists who could make and tailor the best quality bikinis. But they had to be in Europe. We don’t want any part of a monster ship chugging and polluting its way around from China. We found a fantastic partner in Italy who had made bikinis for Liz Hurley and Guess. They were high end fashion and could work with our eco fabric.

We love all things art. Whether it is a can of drink or a car, we love it when it has unique art on it. So we found three artists who were excited by the project.  They were inspired and we love the prints they have created. All of our bikinis now have that fresh, unique and boutique feel.

Then the struggle to keep it eco. Everything is geared towards the greenwash. The whole industry pushes bags, tags, and labels which are all non-recycled. People told us that we were the first to request recycled options. So we had to supply the Italian manufacturers with recycled bags and recycled hang tags and labels. It’s hard to be green sometimes… but boy, does it feel good!

The sale of each bikini is doing something to clean nature. But the manufacture of our bikinis is not putting back waste. We want to be part of a new deal with the world with a new type of economy. We want to recycle everything and waste nothing. We want to look good, feel good and do good.

P.s.- You may wonder who was responsible of the “Unfuck the Planet” city decorating project… we did! Check them out in their Facebook page here.