Pinzat : where art, fashion and waste meet.

PINZAT is a collective of artists who make bike bags from waste. Artists of all styles hand paint each bag turning them into pieces of an itinerant urban art exhibition. We interviewed Dolça Teruel, co-founder of Pinzat along with Samuel Nualart, to get to know more about their vision.



What happened 14 years ago to make Dolça and Samuel think about joining art and waste?


Well, we were just out of the Arts and Crafts College and worked for a few years in the sculpture and set decoration scenes. In that world, you tend to work with a lot of multinationals that have a very low ecological ethics level. We grew tired y created Pinzat from scratch! The concept of mixing art and recyclable waste was already in our heads because when you are young and don’t have a Euro in your pocket (or Pesetas, back in the day) you recycle everything. Materials for sculpture are normally very expensive.




You started inspired on the itinerant art of the 70´s New York graffiti scene, but nowadays you are a collective of over 35 artists. Do they all have the same artistic influence?


Not at all! We try to create a heterogeneous space. Actually, we have a bit of everything in our family: designers, comic artists, illustrators, graffiti artists… The idea is to have a great variety so the customer will fall in love with one of our products, which is what we aim for after all.




Which are the most significant artistic influences of Samuel and Dolça?


When we were students Internet was very new, at least here in Spain. We really liked “Art Povera” and “Land Art”. Giuseppe Penone, Calzolari, Pistoletto, Robert Smithson… all these artists already worked with recycled or very poor materials. Now with the Internet everything has grown, influences come from every channel: music, YouTube, Blogs… infinite.




What are your ambitions for PINZAT?


We don’t have an aim or a place we want to reach, we have a clear idea that evolution is the way. The day PINZAT stops evolving or motivation fades away, we quit! We have agreed on this from day one.




Which has been your proudest moment with this project?


Well, this thing about pride… we don’t really like this word. What makes us happy? Or, what fulfils us? To know that we are giving some financial support to a bunch of artists so they can keep on doing their work, that makes us happy! To see a customer that buys our product and is super motivated, that is very fulfilling. Some of them write emails to congratulate us. That’s cool!




What is the strangest material you have worked with?


The artists, no doubt! Hehehe… Materials are what we are focusing more on lately. The world of recycling is ok but, lately, the market is a bit saturated and, unfortunately, most of the materials have very low quality. It makes no sense to build a product with recycled materials if it’s going to break in a few months. It makes no ecological sense, at least. We believe it is as important, or even more, to build a product so resistant that you don’t have to throw it away. This is our aim, to create indestructible products. That’s why we are introducing new materials in our technical range: high tenacity fibers, corduroy, ballistic, sealed zippers… materials that will provide the finished product with durability and ecological saving, as it won’t become a waste itself.


You can get to know more about in Pinzat in their website or by clicking on their introduction video: