Lital Gold : nature in patterns

Lital is a Philadelphia based illustrator. Her art is varied and experimental but always has an unmistakable Lital nature-inspired style that gives her body of work coherence. Her work encompasses freehand paintings to digital illustrations, textile prints and varied collaborations. Today, Lital talks to WYW about her inspirations and the exclusive artwork she designed for Wear Your Waste.


Lital Gold with print


When did you know you were born to illustrate?

I started to paint when I was very young and I knew this was something I’d be doing forever! I always liked to paint and play around with colours and knew very soon that was something I’d like to develop and eventually do when I grew up.





Illustration by Lital Gold 2012 ©



What are your artistic influences?

I’m influenced by many different things, especially my environment – that includes people I meet or memories I have. I love working with History of the Art books and lately I’m influenced by art-déco and Geo patterns. Other artists that influence my work are Frida Khalo and Gustav Klimt. What I like about them is that their style can be translated to both art and fashion. This really inspires me in many different ways, since I’m always trying to combine the two.




What was the inspiration behind WYW’s print?

The biggest inspiration came from one of my textile design books, The Art of Paisley. I thought it would be a great starting point, the world of paisley shapes is endless, so many different rhythms and aesthetics, a great topic to explore. I thought it would be nice to give it a new approach. It was a challenge, since there is not a lot of fabric surface in swimwear, so it had to be well-planned. I wanted it to be a fun, easy to wear print. I created another pattern that sits together and supports the original paisley print, creating a mix and match print, two prints in one!





Wear Your Waste Lital Halter Top 



What name have you given to your illustration for WYW?

Buta Quilt (Buta is another name for Paisley)



What technique have you used for WYW’s illustration?

I first painted the pattern on paper, using inks and markers. Then I used Photoshop to edit it and place the print on the body.

Lital Gold for DAKINE


Lital Gold collaboration with DAKINE



What other media have you worked with, apart from textiles?

My art is also adapted and used for accessories such as phone cases, hand bags and jewelry. I do design prints and illustrations for paper – greeting cards, stationery and wrapping paper.


Street Art Show Tel-Aviv


Lital’s paintings at Street Art Show in Tel-Aviv, Israel.



Have you ever worked with other eco-related projects?

No, I’ve never had any eco-related projects, except for a small project at school. This was an amazing and exciting opportunity for me and also a big challenge to get involved in this field. I’m very happy with the result and the cause.




Close up of wall painting by Lital Gold for Free People store in Walnut Street, Philadelphia.


Where would you like to see a Lital Gold’s illustration?

I’d love to design my own collection, which I’m in the process of doing. It’s hard to design for your own brand since you are the one who makes the decisions, your own boss. Even though the process is slow, it’s coming together and I’m very excited about it!


We wish Lital good luck in her projects. Check out all her artwork in her website: or follow her on Instagram @litalgold