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Lital Gold : nature in patternsContent

Lital is a Philadelphia based illustrator. Her art is varied and experimental but always has an unmistakable Lital nature-inspired style that gives her body of work coherence. Her work encompasses freehand paintings to digital illustrations, textile prints and varied collaborations. Today, Lital talks to WYW about her inspirations and the exclusive artwork she designed for […]

Belly Button : Fine art tattooistContent

Belly Button was trained as a fine artist but replaced the brushes and canvases for ink and skin to pursue his passion for freehand tattooing. His variety of textures and exclusive illustrations have gained him an international reputation in the body art scene.  He is a regular guest tattooist in San Francisco, Berlin, Paris, London and Brussels. […]

Ptolemy Elrington : making life from wasteContent

Ptolemy Elrington is a Brighton based artist sculpting with waste. His work is predominantly natural life forms made from waste he has found including shopping trolleys pulled from canals and car hub caps. He has exhibited throughout Europe and has received commissions from World Wildlife Fund, Ecover and Kenwood amongst many others. Here he talks […]